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Larry Marcinko & The Black & White District are playing the Buckeye Room Bar and Grill EVERY FIRST SATURDAY!
Our show includes rock’n’roll, blues, pop, and more! Covers and originals! Beatles, Stones, Bowie, REM, Elvis, Doors, and music of today! See below for more information!

Saturday, October 5
Saturday, November 2
Saturday, December 7

The Buckeye Room Bar and Grill
3300 Buckeye Road, G64
Atlanta, GA 30041

Don't listen to this music sitting down; you can't help but
dance to it!

The Black and White District is an original, innovative, eclectic rock band based in Atlanta.

That's the technical description, anyway, for those using keywords to look for such a band.

But there's really no good way to describe a multicultural band that somehow manages to blend rockabilly, alternative, soul, rap, hip-hop and really nice ballads into something that's none of the above, exactly, but which makes perfect sense, musically.

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