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Music of the Black and

White District

 You can now buy our music on the CDBaby.com Web site! Click here to go directly to the Black And White District on CD Baby.

 Free samples! Download two of our complete songs for free by right-clicking on the title below and selecting Save target As...

The fourteen songs listed below are links to short samples of the songs on our new CD, Corner of Love and Third. Please be sure you listen to every one of these samples; each song is so different from the next. You'll be able to order the CD once we get that app working. Enjoy!

1 - What I Mean Is What I Say
2 - People R People
3 - My Saturday
4 - Future On the Phone
5 - Because You Shine
6 - Who Am I Working For?
7 - Post-Industrial Landscape Blues
8 - Spring In My Step
9 - That's Enough For Me
10 - Creation
11 - She Will
12 - Not What It Was
13 - Block Party
14 - I Don't Wanna Dance


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